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General Terms:

  1. This is the newest Terms and conditions as per 1st January 2020.
  2. Any Typing Mistakes on this web site reversed.
  3. In case if you aren’t interested to acknowledge these Conditions of SmmStore.uk, you shouldn’t register or Get any Service
  4. Any Additional modifications replace all previous agreements.


SmmStore.uk is only working for advertising objectives for your posts or accounts.

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  1. You won’t copy any of Programming, Content, Graphics being used by SmmStore.uk in any aspect without the written approval


  1. By using Services of SmmStore.uk we aren’t Answerable for any of the problems with you or your business that it faces. We give no guarantee that buying our services will definitely give progress to your business or proved beneficial.


  1. You’re agreed upon utilizing our offerings, make sure you have completely comprehended that what you’re getting and do not attempt to file fraudulent cases through Paypal.
  2. In case of any Try to file a fraudulent case from your side, then certainly we have authority to terminate your account, ban your IP or totally reset your followers depending on the Situation.

Modification of ToS:

SmmStore.uk has the authority to make any alteration to its ToS any instant. Updates of any change will be published on our web site from that date. And also the effectiveness of it starts off from that date.