Refund Policy:

Are we able to give your money back??

The one and only circumstance where you will get a refund is when we could not deliver your order within 7 days of delivery in which you first placed your order if the delivery time specified is lesser than 7 days for the product. If the given time for the delivery is longer than 7 days, the refund is possible after the given time. However, if your order has been delivered promptly and completely, we will not issue a refund.

If I change my mind after I complete my order, am I able to cancel it and acquire a refund??

We give refunds only if we’ve not yet placed your order. If your order is at a queue or just being processed, your order may be placed and thus we are unable to refund you.You agree that once you successfully finish payment, you won’t file a dispute or even a refund against us for whatever reason.

The security of customers is one of the wide topics in every in almost any business sector. Yet, nearly every sector have their services only for keeping consumer rights offering consumer satisfaction. To avoiding the favour situations the refund policy has impotency for consumer satisfaction.

Since we offer consumer rights, in addition, we also put a focus on the refund policy. Many consumers search the probability regarding a refund. Based on our refund policy, the easiest way that you can get for a refund is in case of if you do not get delivered your order in the given time in which you first placed your order.
Lastly about our, once you complete a payment, you will not file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason against us for whatever reason.